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  • Categories: Unknown
  • Date tested: 2024-03-18
  • Device Configuration: Surface Laptop (7th Edition)
  • OS Build Number: 0.0
  • Auto Super Resolution:
    • Compatible: yes, opt-in
    • FPS Boost: N/A
  • Opt In Steps:

    Enable Automatic super resolution

    Go to System > Display > Graphics setting and turn the automatic super resolution default to "on"

    In System > Display > Graphics > Custom settings for applications for Skyrim, set Automatic super resolution to "On (keep current display resolution)".

    In Settings > Display, change your desktop resolution to the resolution nearest to 800 lines, eg. 1152x768 or 1280x800.

    Set in game settings

    Launch the game

    In the launcher, select Options. Set Aspect Ratio = Native and Resolution to the same resolution chosen above.

    Check the Borderless checkbox.

    Click OK, then Play.

  • Notes

Report last updated: 11 Jun 2024