Windows on Arm Ready Software

Help about this site

This website provides information about a number of games, and their status with regards to running on Windows on Arm.

Games are grouped by category, and can be classified by more than one category. To see the entries for a given category, select the category from the Categories links on an entry’s detail page or from the Category drop-down menu found to the right of the search bar, and then click on the magnifying glass to perform the search. Multiple categories can be selected at the same time.

For games, the Compatibility field can be one of the following values:

perfectRuns at 60+ FPS at 1080p resolution with no glitches / issues that affect gaming experience
playableRuns at 30+ FPS at 1080p resolution with minimal glitches/ issues that affect gaming experience
runsRuns at less than 30 FPS and/or with bugs that may affect gaming experience
unplayableDoes not run due to anti-cheat or other failures

In each game, you’ll see the following fields. Below, we’ve defined what they mean.

Frame Rate: The frames per second of the game

Device Configuration: The device used to test the game

OS Version: The Windows OS version that the game was tested on

Driver ID: The graphics driver that the game was tested on

Compatibility Details: Any further information on how a game runs or not

Auto Super Resolution: Auto SR uses AI to upscale the resolution of a game, letting you have better FPS with enhanced visual qualitly in a game.

Auto SR Compatability: Auto SR out-of-box means it will run without having to change any settings. Opt-in means that you need to opt-in to the game via Windows Settings.

Auto SR FPS Boost: Describes how much FPS Boost you can expect with Auto SR enabled.

To see games that are compatible with Automatic Super Resolution, select the “yes, out-of-box,” and “yes, opt-in” entries from the Auto SR drop-down menu found to the right of the search bar on the games page.

Information on how you can make your own contribution to this web site, either for a game that is not yet listed, or by adding your own report to an existing game, please read Contributing.